Author: Becky

Natural Remedies for Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure and diabetes are prevalent conditions which are occasionally due to meager diet preference and in the declining years of life.  Diabetes and blood pressure are highly linked together. If you suffer from high blood pressure, there is a greater chance that you will end up with sugar, kidney disease, and weight gain […]

All You Need to Know About Zantac Lawsuits

Being a popular over-the-counter medication, Zantac has been used to treat and prevent problems such as indigestion and heartburn. Many versions of this medicine have been used around the world. Only recently was this drug recalled as being linked to a cancer-causing agent. This had paved the way for the development of lawsuits. If you […]

Incorporate these Plants in Indoor Spaces for a Healthy Lifestyle

While sleeping, eating, cooking, watching Netflix, working, and doing a lot more, we spend most of our time in indoor spaces. What if we tell you that there is a way through which effortlessly you can increase your productivity, improve your working environment, and can avail many more health benefits? Yes, we are talking about […]

Keeping life inflow; must-adopt healthy lifestyle tips this season

What is a healthy lifestyle? Is it just about dieting and exercising? A lot of you would agree that when you see a person who is slim and active you call that person to be healthy. But does that person truly live a healthy lifestyle? A balanced lifestyle consists of different physical, mental, spiritual and […]

Useful Advice for Those Recently Diagnosed with Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that can cause many health problems if it is not managed. How you live your life is very important if you want it to be a long and healthy one. The following advice can be used to help prevent health problems associated with diabetes. If you have recently been diagnosed with […]