Different Ways to Use Dropper Bottles

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At some point in our lives, we’ve all used dropper bottles. In most cases when we need a precise liquid measurement for something. They come in all colors and sizes, with a cap that fits tightly on a bottle. The major advantage is that they prevent wastage of any liquid put in them as you can control the amount that comes out.

Reasons for Using Dropper Bottles

  • Dropper bottles are the safest for medicine and food items that need to remain uncontaminated.
  • They are best for eye, oral, hair, and ear treatments that need to be dispensed in small quantities.
  • They are very portable so they can be carried even for camping and backpacking.
  • Most of the dropper bottles available are opaque hence protecting the bottle content from UV rays.

Here are some ways you to use or re-purpose dropper bottles.

For eye/ear drops

Liquid dropper bottles can store eye/ ear drops because you have control of how much quantity you need to dispense. It prevents you from over-pouring hence there is little or no wastage of the medicine. The fitting cap also ensures the medicine isn’t contaminated as nothing can come in.

Dropper Bottles

Dispensing essential oils

You can mix your concoction of essential oils and keep the mixture ready to use when needed. Just imagine when you have a little headache and you’ve got your essential oil blends at hand. All you have to do is shake the mixture and apply. Saves time and energy when you’re in dire need.

Massage oils

It’s an uphill task working around multiple oil bottles and dispensing them as you’re giving a massage. Dropper bottles make work so much easier for you. Just pre-mix the oils and all you have to do is use a dropper to dispense the oils on the body. Plus, you get to apply the right amount of oil. No spillovers on your clients or time wasted picking one oil after another.

Dispensing CBD oils

The viscosity of these oils is thicker than other oils so dispensing them can be really messy. It is way better than traditional nozzle bottles that can cause a spill and waste money. With dropper bottles, you’re sure of no spills and the opaque bottles protect the oils from UV rays oxidation.

Skin treatments

If you want to apply anything on your skin to soothe or treat any skin conditions, dropper bottles are the answer.