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Hair Losses in Women and How to Avoid it

Hair losses are expected with men, but they are also associated with women, especially as they get older. Women above 40 years usually suffer from hair loss, and the effect of hair loss is devastating for these women. Full hair is much appreciated in women than men, and when they start experiencing hair loss, it will affect their social and psychological well being.


As women grow older, they will need to take extra care of their hair using unique and trusted products. They can learn about online stores that can cater to their needs at this stage from CollectedReviews, where they can read about online beauty shops like Better Not Younger for women for older women. Although human experiences hair losses regularly, though not noticeable because they are replaced faster, adverse hair losses in women can be caused due to the following:

  •  Hereditary
  •  Medical condition or hormone changes
  •  Side effects from the medication.
  •  Stress.
  •  Radiation therapy
  •  Different hairstyle and hair treatment

Helpful tips to prevent hair losses in women

However, aside from the hair loss due to hereditary, which may require treatment, you should consider the tips below to reduce hair loss, especially as you grow older and lose the hair loss ability to be replaced faster.

1. Avoid making a tight hairstyle

If you noticed that you have started losing hair, the first thing is to consider your hairstyle. Stop making tight hairstyles that will stretch or drag your hairline, which can lead to hair loss. Avoid making your hair into tight cornrows, ponytails, braids, and other styles that may require such strain on the hairline.

2. Stop using hot hair tools

If you notice that your hair breaks faster than usual, then avoid using hot hair tools such as hair straighteners or curling iron on your hair. These tools will make your hair brittle, and they will start breaking up quickly as you lose more hair. And if you must use these tools, try not to use them when they are too hot and spread them evenly on the hair.

3. Check the ingredients you use on your hair

We have many hair treatments available on online shops that it becomes challenging to choose, for they all promise a fantastic effect on your hair. You should be careful of the kind of hair products you use to avoid losing hair due to chemical impact. Read customer reviews about the available products to get an idea of their long term effect after you have considered their approval from the proper authority. Consider the chemical used on the products and their impact before using any of them on your hair.

4. Consider regular scalp massage

It would help if you considered getting your scalp massaged regularly, for this has been found to stimulate the cells to ensure hair growth. You can do this while at the shower, as you use a hair moisturizer to rub your hair vigorously and stimulate the hair growth.

5. Use natural essential oil

One of the natural ways to prevent hair loss and keep your hair full is to use essential oils. These essential oils have many natural benefits, and since they do not contain synthetic materials, they do not have any harmful effect on the hair. You can get this essential oil from carrot seeds, cypress, lavender, and rosemary.

It is vital to determine the cause of your hair loss if you are experiencing it. Then you should stop or avoid those habits if possible unless in cases when it is hereditary. Otherwise, following the tips should check out the information shown above and read lots of reviews from customers who have used several of these products.