Natural Remedies for Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure and diabetes are prevalent conditions which are occasionally due to meager diet preference and in the declining years of life.  Diabetes and blood pressure are highly linked together. If you suffer from high blood pressure, there is a greater chance that you will end up with sugar, kidney disease, and weight gain as well. The results of both these diseases are catastrophic. Sugar can damage your veins and be a culprit of hypertension as a result. This path leads to greater issues like stroke, hardening of arteries of legs and heart failure. Therefore, it is imperative to treat the disease at the time of diagnosis. Most people opt for the conventional medicines prescribed by the doctor but these are going to take these medicines for a lifetime. Other medicines like that of medical marijuana in certain regions around the globe like as medical marijuana NY or any other, is also being considered one efficient source of treating such diseases. However, one may seek a profound assistance before opting for it.

Majority of our younger generation suffers from these diseases which is alarming as they are not very keen on having a healthy diet, they use drugs with marijuana packaging and don’t have any outdoor activities. If you choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle and prevention methods, you might mitigate the symptoms and ditch your medicines for a long time.

Use of more natural remedies and a little bit of effort can enable you to be in charge of your health. Today, we will discuss some of those remedies which can be helpful if you are suffering from diabetes and hypertension:

  1. Herbal Remedies

Recent studies have shown a substantial impact of herbal remedies to cure these conditions. Mother Nature has provided us a way out of our problems in this way. For instance, a study conducted in 2013 showed a significantly positive impact on the cure of diabetes in rats with the use of Aloe Vera. They treat the beta cells which are responsible for creating insulin in the pancreas. You can make a smoothie or take a capsule of Aloe Vera for better results. Similarly, Bilberry extract has a compound called anthocyanosides which is known to strengthen the veins and have protective properties against people having retinal damage due to their diabetic condition. In this way, there are certain herbs like ginger, basil leaves, fenugreek, okra and bitter melon which are helpful in controlling blood pressure and diabetes. Adding these simple foods in your diet will increase your life expectancy and keep these diseases in check.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle and Exercises

Apart from remedies, a person should adopt a healthy lifestyle. An exercise or walk for at least one and half hour is essential for the patients. It is very important to keep a check on your weight. Most of the time increased breathing while sleep known as sleep apnea causes a disturbance. Try to add fruits and vegetables in your diet. Only eat whole grain food which is low in fats and cholesterol.

  1. Say No to Smoking

It is not an unknown fact that smoking is the root cause of several ailments. It is like a poison which slowly kills you with the passage of time. It is a catalyst in lung cancer, breathing problems and high blood pressure. Smoking elevates your blood pressure and keeps you hyperactive. Once you quit smoking, you have a greater chance of living a long life as well as normalized blood pressure.

  1. Caffeine is not your friend

Caffeine can escalate your blood pressure if you use it rarely but it will remain normal if you are a regular consumer. If you add sugar in your coffee or tea, there is a greater possibility that you will end up having diabetes and increased weight. These diseases lead to hypertension as well. Although, caffeine and blood pressure level are debatable as it reacts differently according to the metabolism of the individual.

  1. Stress and Anxiety is toxic

Stress and anxiety can trigger high blood pressure. If you are stressed out and end up eating unhealthy food or smoke, you will definitely have a raised blood pressure. Planning your day, have lesser expectations and practicing meditation are one of the best ways to fight the anxiety in your life.

  1. Sodium is a slow poison

Recent studies have shown that you should cut down on salt after the age of twenty-five if you have a family tendency for diabetes and hypertension. You can adjust your food preferences by slowly reducing the salt intake. It’s better to avoid processed foods, read the labels for sodium when buying products and adding less salt in your food.


Hypertension and diabetes is a problem of every other individual. They attack our immune system with the passage of age. As our lives get busier day by day, we are more stressed and sit back in our drawing rooms gaining more and more weight. Adopting a healthy lifestyle has become a difficult task and is often problematic to maintain for a longer time. If you think that your symptoms are getting out of hand or you are feeling unusual on a specific day then you should immediately see your medical practitioner. These diseases are a gateway of other infections which can be life-threatening if not treated properly.