Preparation For Sermorelin Injections

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Preparation for Sermorelin injections is necessary for safety and best practices especially because making mistakes can not only affect injection site and effectiveness, but the overall costs for Sermorelin could be prohibitive.

For those who don’t know what it is, Sermorelin is replacement therapy that helps the body create or boost human growth hormone (HGH) naturally. This allows the body to boost energy, and in some cases, lose weight. With few side-effects, this therapy is popular except for the fact that it needs to be injected. No one likes to get stuck with a needle and fewer are comfortable giving themselves a shot. Also note that Sermorelin is only available with a doctor’s prescription.

Sermorelin Costs

Depending on insurance coverage and co-pays, sermorelin cost may vary. Additionally, shopping for medicine online can save money and time. There are plenty of online pharmacies vying for more business. Go with a trusted site and ask the doctor for recommendations.

Prepping Sermorelin

Sermorelin comes in a vial with a lyophilized (freeze-dried) tablet inside. This is done because it remains stable during transportation, whether through mail or distribution to doctors and pharmacies. The vials are generally shipped with saline solution or static water that is sterile and free from impurities and harmful bacteria.

Before beginning the process of the injection, best practices include:

  • Collect all items needed: vial, saline solution, needles, large mixing syringe and plunger, small syringe for injection, sterile cotton pad, alcohol pads.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. Rinse well.

Once pre-injection prep is done, it is time to mix the solution.

Pop the plastic protective top off of the Sermorelin vial and wipe the top of the vial with the alcohol pad to disinfect and sterilize the rubber stopper. Do the same for the static water or saline solution.

Now that both vials are clean, they are ready for mixing. Poke the needle of the large mixing syringe into the saline solution, then hold the vial upside down. Pull back on the syringe until the correct amount of liquid has been extracted. Depending on the prescribed amount, this could be anywhere between 2 mg to 9 mg.

This is important because the effectiveness or dilution of the Sermorelin is dependent on how much of the saline solution gets mixed.

Once the correct amount has been extracted, push the mixing needle through the rubber stopper on the vial of Sermorelin. Tip the vial at an angle so the liquid flows instead of blasting the powder. Remember, in the powder state, the Sermorelin is stable and inactive.

Gently rotate the mix. Do not shake or roll the vial vigorously as it could render it inert, thus being a damaged product.

The Injection Site

Now that the vial of Sermorelin is prepared, it’s time to prep the injection site.

The best place for injections is in fatty tissue. The buttocks are one option. If the belly is preferred, pick an area that is approximately 3 to 4 inches to the left or right of the belly button. Another area is the love handles, or fat oblique region of your torso. Some people opt for the fatty area of their thigh.

Prep the area with an alcohol wipe and check the vial to make sure there are no floating particles in it. If the Sermorelin did not fully mix, try gently swirling the fluid again. If the particles remain, there could be contaminants in the vial.

Follow the guidelines of the prescription that was given by the doctor or pharmacist.

Remember to also take time and precaution when mixing the vials and prepping the injection site. If there are contaminants in the vial, do not use it. Consult with the pharmacy or physician if there are further questions.