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Things You Should Know Before Using Essential Oil

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Essential oils are extracted from plants; their seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts are processed to extract the purest components. This concentrated liquid comes with many healing properties and has various health benefits. We have learned various tips over the years from using essential oils, some are from firsthand experiences, while others are learned through research and from more experienced oilers. Whether you are an experienced essential oil user or a first-timer, here are some things that you should know before starting to use essential oil.

Do Not Combine Blends with Blends- Combining blends with blends is not a big deal, but it is a good tip if you’re just starting out. The best way to blend is to mix the blended oil by itself or mixed with only a single essential oil. One of the reasons to avoid combining a bend with another blend is because each of these blends is created and developed with specific care to the top, middle, and base note. And if you combine the blends you will disrupt this frequency and overall aroma.

You Can Dilute All Your Topical Oils- It is not mandatory to dilute all the essential oil that you apply to your skin, but you can dilute them. By using a carrier oil with your topical application keeps the oil from evaporating into the air quickly. Using a carrier oil will keep the essential oil on the skin longer. Another additional benefit of diluting the carrier oil with essential oil is that quality carrier oil will benefit the skin in more ways by nourishing and beautifying it.

You Do Not Have To Love Every Single Oil- one thing that you should keep in mind while using essential oil is that there is a big chance that you might not love the essential oil that your friend loves. Your body will respond differently to an essential oil as compared to your friend. Therefore, it is good to experiment and be open-minded. Another thing that you should also note is that sometimes a particular essential oil will not appeal to you one day and then please you another day. So, make sure to give it time, before deciding that you hate it. Young Living Essential Oils has some great options.

You Can Use Them In Many Ways- There are many places where you can use the essential oil, you can use it for beauty, wellness, cleaning, anxiety, and many more. It can improve your overall quality of life, which is pretty amazing. You can use it to maintain health and wellness, clean house, skincare, support a healthy weight, for emotional and mental health, and so much more. You can also use it for massage, aromatherapy, and many more. And you can keep it in the laundry room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even car.

Some Safety Tips- If you are starting to use essential oil for the first time, you should not start using them before you are aware of these safety tips. You should never try to dilute the essential oil with water as it will make the problem worse, always use carrier oil to dilute. And when you use essential oil, it is highly recommended to avoid contacting sensitive areas such as the eyes, ears, genitals, and mucous membrane.

There Are Thousands Of Ways To Use The Oil- There are multiple ways to use the oil, you can use tea tree oil not just for cleaning the skin, but also for cleaning kitchens, spotless dishes, sparkling showers, and more. You can use Geranium essential oil to uplift your mood and beautify your complexion. Frankincense essential oil is great for soothing your mind from daily stress and your skin from minor bumps, bruises, and irritation. Essential oils can be used in multiple ways get to know your oil and explore its uses.