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What do for your Girl On a Romantic Getaway

The coldest wave in 15 years struck us this new year and along itself got us the gift of love once again. The chance to celebrate another valentines week with your special one seems like a dream come true. After a year like 2020, we could all use a romantic getaway with our valentines this February. With snowfall in most parts of North India, there couldn’t be anything more romantic than a weekend in the shade of white all around you. If you are planning to take your lady love to such a long date, you need to have valentine gifts for girlfriend all sorted and much more than that. Find it all right here.

  • A decent proposal

Now you have gone with your girlfriend, and there is no need for formal proposals all the time, but think to yourself if you ever proposed to her like a gentleman. The answer is most cases will be a no. Use this opportunity, kneel down and shower love on her with your words as you propose and promise to the most beautiful girl in the world.

  • A scarf

Going for a trip to a cold romantic place, you have to show warmth in your gestures, so she knows she is in a safe and cosy environment. Now it’s not a big thing to give, but it has a remarkable meaning. Gift her a scarf or a pair of woollen socks that she can wear on the trip and cuddle with once she is home. Going for valentine, she is anyways expecting a bunch of surprises.

  • A hot chocolate

As you reach, start exploring your options for a bakery online or in-person and get a hot chocolate for her. Just arrived at a cold place she is surely looking for warmth and is too shy to make the first move and hug you already. Also gifting her a scarf to show warmth it won’t be a bad idea to club with a cup of hot chocolate. Sounds like the most perfect comfortable night at a cold place.

  • A Netflix and popcorn night

Gone for at least two or three days, you need new things to do every day. And to bring together the whole vibe of valentine, before dropping a bomb of love on her on 14th you need a perfect plot, so she knows that something worth waiting is approaching her way. So buy popcorn, put on Netflix and watch a romantic, calming movie and enjoy your moment. Embrace your time together as you watch her fall asleep in your arms.

dress like a princess

  • A romantic dinner date

For your final night on the trip or for valentine’s day, pick a perfect restaurant close to you and take her to a fancy outing. Ask her to dress like a princess, and you too don’t shy away from flaunting your looks. Take her to a romantic place, and let her order what she likes, talk to her about your feelings, propose and promise to her a lifetime together.

For all this time when you will be doing this, there is little chance of her having any surprises for you, but the little constant smile that you see on her face, the red blush you see on her cheeks will be to die for.